Wonder Lake Marine Unit Monthly Report

May 1 0 0 2 18
June 9 2 0 7 18
July 9 4 0 6 22
August 7 4 1 3 23
September 2 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 28 10 1 18 81

Season Recap: The Wonder Lake Police Marine Unit (MU) received 28 service calls and conducted 81 boat safety checks, issued 18 warnings outside of safety checks, issued one citation for no MPOA sticker and assisted boaters with 10 boat tows.

The years of being proactive on MPOA compliance has resulted in a single citation for 2018. The process of Mr. Kennedy issuing guest passes and instructing the boaters to contact the MU and show their pass has helped the MU with callers contacting the police regarding boats in violation and proactively informing these callers about guest passes. This has also significantly cut down in boater citations.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has restructured their licensing process in 2018. Also, Mr. Kennedy will not issue an MPOA sticker without a valid boater registration eliminating boaters on the lake without proper registration paperwork. Because of this, the MU did not issue any expired registration citations.

Due to the lake dredging project and the pipes shifting to and from shorelines, on several occasions, the MU along with Mr. Duffy, reset the pipes to the best of MU's capability to keep the pipes from causing safety issues and damaging property.

In 2018, an issue arose around the party bay swim area, where boaters were anchoring outside the designated anchoring area causing public safety and boater navigation issues. The MU became aware and educated boaters on the proper location to anchor and swim.