Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

1. The MPOA initiated a “no-wake” zone in the southern part of South Bay, as displayed below and on the MPOA website. The northern edge of the no-wake area has been marked with buoys), but lake users are again reminded that the entire area of the lake south of that is now no-wake.

2. The no-wake condition also extends to any area within 100 feet of the dredge, anchor barges, booster pump, and pipeline. This no-wake condition will remain in place until dredging of South Bay has been completed.

3. The dredge will continue to operate in South Bay until roughly mid-October. Once boating traffic slows down after the Labor Day holiday, and piers are removed, the dredging contractor intends to complete the Wickline Island and O’Brien Shoals areas yet this year. Updated info will be posted to the MPOA website as it becomes available.

4. Water quality monitoring at the 13 Wonder Lake swimming beaches, conducted by the McHenry County Health Department, resulted in 28 events that resulted in beach closings or swim advisories during 2016. Each of these events was associated with a 0.75 inch or greater rainfall event. The 2016 events are fairly consistent with what has been experienced in prior years.

5. The Nippersink Watershed Association has received the contract for the current round of IEPA funding, and is currently working with WL and other watershed landowners on getting projects underway.

Pipeline position