Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

July 8th, 2015

1. The “Preliminary Dredging Sequence and Timeline” is being posted / updated on the MPOA website as we get new info. This sequence and timeline will likely shift as dredging continues, based on equipment issues, temperatures, flood events, and other unforeseen circumstances. Those already on the MPOA e-mail mailing list will be notified when updates are posted to the MPOA website. If you are not on the mailing list, contact Lance at the MPOA office at: office@wlmpoa.org.

2. As of today, the dredging contractor is still finishing up portions of West Bay before moving up to White Oaks Bay. Under this plan, any remaining unfinished areas of West Bay / Nippersink Creek inlet will be completed later in the summer.

3. While it is impossible to specify an exact date and time when the dredging will be done at a particular location on the lake, the MPOA is working closely with the dredging contractor to try to minimize inconvenience to shoreline landowners and lake users to the extent possible. Lakefront landowners whose access to the lake may be temporarily blocked by the dredge / pipeline may wish to temporarily find other boat mooring locations beyond the immediate dredging work area.

4. No matter how the contractor proposes to schedule the work, there will be those who feel they are being unduly inconvenienced. All we can do is ask for folks to look at the big picture (a clearer, deeper lake), and be patient.

5. The P.E. who previously performed our annual dam inspection is no longer with HDR. I am preparing a Request for Proposal to distribute to firms qualified to do this work, so one can be retained by the MPOA to perform the inspection of the Wonder Lake Dam and SDF this fall.

6. The sixth groundwater monitoring event was conducted at the SDF in late June. Each event involves collecting water samples at each of the four (4) groundwater wells in the vicinity of the SDF (as specified by the IEPA), and submitting those water quality samples submitted to a state certified lab for analysis. The lab results are then forwarded to IEPA for their review.

7. This event fulfilled the first IEPA permitting requirement to conduct six (6) monitoring events in the first year of operation. Groundwater monitoring will continue under the next IEPA permit requirement, which calls for bi-monthly sampling while dredging is underway.

8. The IEPA permit identifies 26 specific water quality parameters which much be analyzed. 19 of those parameters have specific numeric “permit standards” established by IEPA in our permit. In the last sampling event at Well B-8, which is directly adjacent to the SDF, 14 of the 26 parameters were analyzed by the lab as “ND”, which means the parameter was “Not Detected”. Of the remaining 12 parameters, each was determined to be well below the IEPA permit standard. These results are typical of all the other monitoring wells, on each of the six monitoring events.

9. Water quality samples are also gathered from the location where flow from Cell # 2 of the SDF enters Galt Creek, before returning to the lake. The only “permit standard” imposed by IEPA on this flow was a maximum of 15 mg/l for Total Suspended Solids (TSS), which is close to bottled water in appearance. The average TSS value for the last 5 sampling events was 3.5 mg/l. It is safe to say that the return flow from the SDF is far cleaner / clearer than what flows into Wonder Lake from its tributary creeks or from local storm sewer systems after rain events.