In March of 2019, the MPOA began announcing that a lake drawdown would be conducted in October of 2019. This will be the first Wonder Lake drawdown since 2007, and is being done in order to allow some needed concrete patching to be done to the Wonder Lake Dam spillway, as well as to complete some mechanical dredging in an area of West Bay that could not be accessed by the hydraulic dredge.

The MPOA intentionally provided early notice of the drawdown to allow lakefront landowners time to secure the regulatory permits for any shoreline projects that they might want to implement during the drawdown, and so that lakefront landowners could plan ahead for dealing with the removal of their in-lake equipment this fall.

Wonder Lake will remain at its normal elevation through Labor Day and well into mid-September. Depending recent rainfall and predicted weather patterns in mid-to-late September, the lake will slowly be lowered to spillway height so the actual drawdown can begin as planned by October 1.

Starting October 1st, 2019, the actual lake drawdown will begin, with lake levels beginning to drop more quickly. It is estimated that the lake level will be lowered by at least two feet below the dam spillway elevation, but the actual extent of the drawdown needed will not be determined until the upper portion of the upstream dam spillway face is exposed, and the extent of concrete patching required can be visually observed.

It is hoped that all of the spillway repairs and dredging work can be completed by the end of October, so that the lake can begin re-filling. Obviously, the length of time for the lake to refill will be subject to how much rainfall occurs this fall, but based on the last drawdown, the lake should be back to normal pool for winter sports activities.

Given this timeframe, lakefront landowners should be planning accordingly for removing their in-lake equipment for the winter.