Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

1.    The MPOA dredging contractor is continuing to de-mobilize for the winter.  All dredging equipment / pipeline that will remain in the lake over the winter has been relocated to West Bay, as shown below. Assuming the lake will eventually ice over, winter lake users will need to exercise caution when in West Bay.   

2.    The Illinois Lake Management Association will be holding its annual conference in Springfield on February 29 – March 2, 2016.  Information can be found at http://www.ilma-lakes.org/ilma-annual-conference
3.    For the 5th year in a row, the MPOA has provided funds necessary to meet its commitment to minimize the cost impact of SSA #9 that makes our Lake Restoration possible.  This is done through a rebate offer available to lower income households, handled through the McHenry Township office.   In the  October 2015 application period, there were 44 residents who met the criteria necessary for them to receive either a 40% or 60% rebate of the amount that they paid towards our lake restoration as part of their 2014 property tax bill.  A special thank you goes to Mr. Craig Adams, McHenry Township Supervisor, who was the administrator of the MPOA rebate program.
4.    The MPOA has been working to streamline and standardize office procedures, particularly regarding the annual sale of MPOA summer / winter decals, and guest passes.  As a result, the following changes are now in place:

o    To be consistent with how MPOA boat decal sales are currently handled (where the applicant is required to submit a current copy of their Illinois Department of Natural Resources boat registration with their application); starting with the winter 2015 / 2016 winter decal, snowmobile owners are now required to provide the MPOA with a copy of their current IDNR snowmobile registration, as part of applying for a winter decal.
o    To continue to protect the privacy of Wonder Lake, the MPOA will be requiring more information / documentation before issuing MPOA recreational decals to anyone renting property within MPOA subdivisions having deeded lake rights. Renters will be required to provide an authorized form letter from the property owner. This form letter will be provided by the MPOA, and will have to be signed and notarized by the property owner.  Notary services will be available during scheduled MPOA office hours.
o    MPOA lake access 72-hour guest passes are no longer available through MPOA subdivisions; they will only be available for purchase from the MPOA office during scheduled MPOA business hours.
o    Renters will not be eligible to purchase MPOA 72-hour guest passes.  Guest passes for rental properties can only be purchased by the owner of the rental property.  Both the property owner and renter will need to come into the MPOA office together to purchase a guest pass, as an MPOA provided form will have to be signed and notarized by the property owner.
o    For watercraft / snowmobiles requiring IDNR registration, if the MPOA decal applicant is not listed on the current IDNR registration as the owner or co-owner, that applicant will only be eligible for an MPOA 72-hour guest pass.