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1.    The SDF contractor is working on completing the “punch-list” items resulting from the May 14th, 2014 walk-through of the SDF site, which included the HDR project engineer; the MPOA dredging consultant; and the SDF contractor. The SDF contractor is aware that the SDF perimeter safety fencing is their short-term priority, and needs to be fully in place before the dredging can commence.  Other SDF punch-list items can continue after dredging has commenced.
2.    The dredging contractor has largely completed the assembling (fusing) of the sediment pipeline leading from the lake to the SDF site.  Both the floating booster pump and dredge are on the lake; they are currently working on installing / calibrating the GPS system that will guide / document the actual dredging operations. They are hoping to begin dredging within the next week.
3.    As indicated last month, the contractor has indicated that they plan to start dredging first along the south side of West Bay and the Nippersink Creek inlet, and spend most of the summer of 2014 finishing up West Bay.  In fall of 2014, they then plan to work on Wickline Island / O’Brien Shoals, before moving north to dredge the Lookout Point / White Oaks Bay coves. They will then move down to the South Bay and get as far as they can this fall before the onset of winter.  Any remaining dredging work in the South Bay would be carried over, if necessary, to the spring of 2015 after ice-out. This schedule means that the only lakefront landowners who may need to temporarily relocate their piers during the 2014 boating season will be the those folks on south side of West Bay and the Nippersink Creek inlet.  All other lakefront areas proposed for dredging will likely have already removed their piers for the year by the time the dredge reaches their area.
4.    As indicated last month, once dredging gets underway, the MPOA will be posting information on the MPOA website advising all lake user’s of changing lake conditions, related to dredging operations or other urgent situations. A Notice To Lake User’s has also been prepared and posted to provide some preliminary information on the dredging. All lake user’s are also encouraged to sign up to receive “Important Lake Update” email notices from the MPOA on updates to the website. If you are not already on the email list, send an email to office@wlmpoa.org asking to be added to the lake notice list.
5.    The USGS gage at Thompson Road (which can be accessed through a link on the MPOA website) indicates that roughly two (2) inches of rain fell last night.  As shown on the opposite side, this rainfall raised the flow rate (discharge) of Nippersink Creek from roughly 40 cubic feet per second (cfs) to almost 300 cfs, and raised the height (stage) of the creek one (1) foot.  Lake user’s are reminded that these large rainfall events can wash woody debris into the lake, and can also result in swimming beach closures.  Appropriate caution should be exercised after large rain events.
6.    To date in 2014, there have not been any posted swimming beach closures on Wonder Lake, however, anyone using beaches can access the latest swimming beach status at: https://www.co.mchenry.il.us/county-government/departments-a-i/health-de... or at the link on the MPOA website.

nippersink creek discharge

rainfall nippersink creek into wonder lake

nippersink creek above wonder lake- stage