Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

1. The MPOA has received the “Aquatic Invaders” signs to be posted at all WL boat ramps. The Wonder Lake Sportsman’s Club (WLSC) has agreed to the install the signs as part of their Spring 2015 annual lake cleanup. The signs will be installed on “T” posts or existing fences near each boat ramps. If any subdivision does NOT want the sign installed, contact the MPOA office.

2. The WLSC Spring Clean-up will be scheduled for mid-to-late April. A definite date should be available for the next MPOA meeting. Volunteers are always welcome.

3. I have been working with our consultant, Peter Berrini to have the dredging contractor come up with their preliminary schedule for the 2015 dredging season. The primary goals of this plan are to minimize lake user conflicts in the 2015 dredging season, and to allow the contractor to work as efficiently as possible.

4. Depending on ice conditions, the dredging contractor proposes to re-mobilize around the middle of April. They are proposing to first work on Lookout Point and then the White Oaks Bay coves, tentatively completing that work by the first or second week of May.

5. They would then move up the lake to work on O’Brien Shoals and Wickline Island, hopefully completing that work by mid-June.

6. They will then move back into West Bay / Nippersink inlet, so that the main body of the lake will be “pipeline-free” for the majority of the boating season. Upon completing West Bay, they will then work on South Bay until the project is complete, hopefully in late Fall, 2015.

7. Marked “boat crossings” will be created by the contractor in each of these phases, to allow boat traffic to safely cross the dredge pipeline.

8. The “Preliminary Dredging Sequence and Timeline” will be handed out to boat decal purchaser’s, and will be posted on the MPOA website. It is fully recognized that the sequence and timeline will likely shift once dredging resumes, based on equipment issues, flood events, and other unforeseen circumstances. As updates become available, information will be posted to the MPOA website.

9. No matter how the contractor proposes to schedule the work, there will be those who feel they are being inconvenienced. All we can do is ask for folks to look at the big picture (a cleaner, deeper lake), and be patient.

10. The 3rd Annual Fox River Summit will be held on Friday, March 20th, 2015 from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Veteran’s Terrace, Burlington, WI. I will be giving a presentation on Nippersink stream restoration projects. Registration info at http://www.sewfrc.org/summit