Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

1. The MPOA dredging project will FINALLY be fully completed by the end of this week, resulting in the removal approximately 529,738 cubic yards of nutrient-rich sediment from Wonder Lake. It is hoped that the eventual sale of the dried sediment will help fund future maintenance dredging and other lake restoration activities that will continue to enhance local property values for all properties holding deeded lake rights. The MPOA thanks everyone for their cooperation and patience.

2. The dredging contractor has completed the remaining areas of West Bay that still needed to be dredged under the original base bid. They are currently working on re-dredging some areas along the southwest shore of West Bay that had previously been successfully dredged to the required dredging contract specification, but had since experienced additional sediment deposition resulting from heavy rainfall events.

3. The dredging contractor will then demobilize and remove the dredging equipment, as well as the sediment pipeline extending from the lake to the MPOA Sediment Drying Facility (SDF). That work is expected to be complete by mid-December.

4. As part of the dredging contract, the contractor is required to provide the MPOA with surveys, generated by a hydrographic surveyor, to measure and document that the specified dredging depths have been reached, and to allow the verification of the exact quantity of sediment removed under the contract, as the contractor payout is based on a per cubic yard basis. Survey maps have already been provided to the MPOA dredging consultant for all dredged areas conducted to date, with the exception of the recent / current work in West Bay, with those surveys expected shortly.

5. The annual inspection of the Wonder Lake Dam, and the Wonder Lake SDF, was conducted by the MPOA consulting engineers on Friday, October 19th. No critical issues were raised by the MPOA or State engineers who participated. The Lake Maintenance Commission will review the report and its findings upon its receipt.

6. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently accepted the “Perricone” parcel into the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. This is a 27 acre parcel of land located southwest of Route 47 and Thayer Road, which is bisected by a ½ mile long segment of Nippersink Creek. Working with Openlands and the McHenry County Conservation District (MCCD), the Nippersink Watershed Association (NWA) secured an IEPA Section 319 grant to address streambank erosion, and to create a buffer of native vegetation, activities that will directly benefit Wonder Lake, located approximately 5 miles downstream, as well as other MCCD / NWA protected lands in between. Additional Nippersink properties in the vicinity may also be acquired from willing sellers for future inclusion in the refuge. https://www.fws.gov/refuge/hackmatack/

7. On Saturday, November 17th, the NWA will conduct yet another workday, clearing invasive brush from a portion of the Merchant Creek stream corridor. This volunteer work is being done in advance of an upcoming IEPA Section 319 funded stream stabilization project to help minimize the significant amounts of sediment that this parcel has delivered to Wonder Lake over the past decades. Meet at 8 am on the north side of Wooded Shores Drive at Pleasant Drive. As always, volunteers are welcome, as volunteer time counts towards a ICECF grant also obtained by the NWA.

8. The 34th Annual Illinois Lakes Management Association Conference will be held at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, IL from March 14 – 16, 2019. Given the proximity to Wonder Lake, this would be a great opportunity for WL folks to learn more about a wide variety of lake topics. For more details: http://www.ilma-lakes.org/conference