Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

  1. The MPOA dredging contractor continues to move farther into South Bay.  They have added an additional dredging shift to increase production.  The exhibit below shows their progress up to August 11th.              dredging sediment                       
  2. The dredging contractor is planning to continue dredging South Bay until complete or the beginning of October (whichever comes first).  At that point, they will resume work at O’Brien Shoals, and then move back into West Bay. As part of their contract, the dredging contractor will be bringing in a specialized surveyor to confirm that the dredging quantities called for in their contract have been achieved.
  3. Lake users should continue to avoid the area between O’Brien Shoals and the east shoreline, as well as the Troy Creek inlet at Deep Springs Wood Country beach.
  4. Lake users are again reminded that the Nippersink Creek Inlet and entire South Bay have been designated as “No-Wake” areas, and marked with No-Wake buoys.  Lake users are also reminded that MPOA decals MUST be permanently affixed to the watercraft it is registered to. The Wonder Lake Marine Patrol has been issuing tickets for No-Wake and decal violations.
  5. I am attaching an article from a Wisconsin publication called “Lake Tides”.  It does a great job of describing issues lake management associations across the Midwest are experiencing.