Dredging was completed, and restoration of areas disturbed by the dredging equipment was completed in 2019. View Lake Manager's Reports for more information during the lake restoration process.

Lake Restoration – Dredging Update

The 2015 Wonder Lake dredging season went well, with the usual unexpected delays, hiccups, and other issues associated with any large-scale dredging project being implemented on a heavily used recreational lake. In addition, to nearly completing the area targeted to be dredged in West Bay (now >90% complete), the White Oaks Bay coves were fully completed this summer, before the dredge moved down to O’Brien Shoals area, which is now roughly one-third complete.

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Lake Dredging Update - October 7th, 2015

The MPOA dredging contractor has now completed the dredging of White Oaks Bay, and over the next 3 or 4 days will be re-positioning the dredge and pipeline to allow them to begin dredging near O'Brien Shoals.  

This means that the pipeline will soon extend across the middle of Wonder Lake, roughly between West Bay and Wonder Center Beach, as shown on the attached PDF exhibit.

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Wonder Lake Dredging Preliminary Plan Update – August 10, 2015

1. The dredging contractor is currently working in White Oaks Bay, and will be there for at least the next few weeks, before moving to Lookout Point.

2. As the dredging of Lookout Point will require the dredge pipeline to extend across the main body of the lake, an update will be posted as the dredge prepares to move, so that lake users will be advised of the designated pipeline crossing points.

3. Once Lookout Point is completed, we will likely be approaching the Labor Day weekend, so another update will be provided at the beginning of September.

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Wonder Lake Dredging Preliminary Plan Update – July 2015

Revised July 15th

1.    Lake user’s are strongly encouraged to stay away from the dredge equipment and pipeline at ALL times, even when the dredge is not in operation.

2.    Any remaining unfinished areas of West Bay / Nippersink Creek inlet will be completed later in the summer.

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Dredging Preliminary Plan Update – June 2015

1. The dredging contractor is currently finishing up portions of West Bay before doing some equipment maintenance and moving up to White Oaks Bay next week. They are currently focusing on doing portions of the Nippersink Creek inlet to improve lake access for those landowners. This is also where the amount of rock and gravel being dredged is hardest on certain parts of the dredge pump equipment. As they have those replacement parts ready to install, they want to get as much use out of those parts to be replaced as possible.

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Dredging Update 11/28/14

With the early onset of winter, the 2014 dredging season on Wonder Lake has come to an unexpectedly early end.    The dredging contractor has spent the last few weeks preparing the dredging equipment for winter, and having it ready to go as soon as lake conditions allow in 2015.

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