Dredging was completed, and restoration of areas disturbed by the dredging equipment was completed in 2019. View Lake Manager's Reports for more information during the lake restoration process.

Lake Restoration of Wonder Lake is Underway

In July, 2013, a request for contractor's to submit bids for the MPOA Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) was sent out by the MPOA directly to qualified construction firms. The request was also published in the Northwest Herald, and was posted on commercial bid solicitation websites.

In August, 2013, two (2) bids for the construction of the Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) were received, with those bids then reviewed by the MPOA Lake Restoration Consultant and the MPOA attorneys.

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Lake Restoration Continues to move Forward

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued their permit for lake dredging.  Engineering plans and permit applications have been submitted to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Water Resources.

The MPOA has received bids, and approved a contract to stabilize O'Brien Shoals and Wickline Island this summer.  In addition, supplemental rip-rap will be placed on the upstream face of the Wonder Lake dam, to prevent future erosion.

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U.S. Army Corps permit update

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Public Notice Comment Period for the Lake Restoration project has expired, and they have provided the MPOA with copies of written comments received from the public that required a "technical" clarification", or that were needed to address "negative" comments".  Many "positive" comments supporting lake restoration were also received, but did not require MPOA responses.

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Lake Restoration Public Notice Issued

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Issues The Public Notice for the Lake Restoration Permit

On August 29th, 2011, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) issued a Public Notice for the Wonder Lake Restoration Project.

This is the first step under their regulatory program to review, approve, and issue the Section 404 permit to authorize the lake dredging.  A thirty day comment period is now open.

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Proposed Sediment Drying Facility Location Has Changed!

Due to the recent bankruptcy declaration by the landowner who controls the preferred stream corridor alignment between Wonder Lake and the proposed Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) offered to us at Thatcher Meadows, the short-term likelihood of successfully negotiating an access or purchase agreement for that preferred alignment  has disappeared. 

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SSA # 9 Bonds Have Been Sold!

The $ 5.9 Million in lake restoration bonds authorized under SSA # 9 have been sold, and the funds are now being held by a trustee.

Earlier information provided to the MPOA led us to believe that the payment amount for SSA # 9 that would appear on the property tax bills received in 2011 would be for a reduced amount.

After this information appeared in the most recent MPOA newsletter, it was brought to our attention that the amount due on the 2011 tax bills would instead be closer to what typical payments will be for the balance of the SSA period.

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McHenry County Bond Approval

By a vote of 19 YES, 2 NO and 1 abstention, The County of McHenry Board voted to APPROVE an ordinance authorizing the County to issue a $3,820,000 bond through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Bonds).  The balance of the money necessary to fund our dredging project will come from a Village of Wonder Lake bond in the amount of $2,110,000.

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