Sediment Drying Facility Update - April 2nd 2014

The Sediment Drying Facility is at 90% completion, with the final work resuming now that the weather is improving.

The MPOA is pleased to announce that it is working on the final contract details with the selected dredging contractor. Once all the contract paperwork is approved and in place, the MPOA will receive a dredging plan and schedule from the contractor, which will identify where the dredging activity will start, timing, temporary no-wake areas, etc.. We are anticipating that the dredging project will begin in the next month or so.

The dredging plan information will allow the MPOA to make periodic website updates to keep lakefront landowners informed on what, if any, temporary relocations of piers may be needed while the dredge is operating in their area.

The MPOA will also be posting information on the website advising all lake user’s of changing lake conditions, related to dredging operations or other urgent situations. A Notice To Lake User’s has been prepared to provide some preliminary information on the dredging, which can be viewed here.

All lake user’s are also encouraged to sign up to receive “Important Lake Update” email notices from the MPOA on updates to the website. If you are not already on the email list, send an email to asking to be added to the lake notice list.

typical dredge and floating pipeline

No wake zones during dredging

Aerial photographs documenting the progress of the Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) construction. Photos are by Bob Schell, and were taken 3/30/14.

Sediment Drying Facility 3/30/2014

Sediment Drying Facility 3/30/2014

Sediment Drying Facility 3/30/2014