Proposed Sediment Drying Facility Location Has Changed!

Due to the recent bankruptcy declaration by the landowner who controls the preferred stream corridor alignment between Wonder Lake and the proposed Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) offered to us at Thatcher Meadows, the short-term likelihood of successfully negotiating an access or purchase agreement for that preferred alignment  has disappeared. 

To keep our lake restoration efforts moving forward, the MPOA is now planning to construct the SDF on vacant farmland south of Galt Airport and east of Greenwood Road, which was formerly platted as Phase 2 of the Meadows of West Bay (MOWB) subdivision.  That Phase 2 parcel has already been purchased by a local business group very supportive of lake restoration, making it available for our use. 

The connection between the new SDF site and Wonder Lake is a common open space area / stream corridor in Phase 1 of MOWB, that is controlled by the Village of Wonder Lake.  The MPOA is already working with the Village and other regulatory agencies to secure the necessary approvals for this new SDF site.

Lake Restoration continues to move forward!