Wonder Lake Dredging Preliminary Plan Update – August 10, 2015

1. The dredging contractor is currently working in White Oaks Bay, and will be there for at least the next few weeks, before moving to Lookout Point.

2. As the dredging of Lookout Point will require the dredge pipeline to extend across the main body of the lake, an update will be posted as the dredge prepares to move, so that lake users will be advised of the designated pipeline crossing points.

3. Once Lookout Point is completed, we will likely be approaching the Labor Day weekend, so another update will be provided at the beginning of September.

4. To access the White Oaks Bay coves, the dredge has added extra sections of dredge pipeline, which extend across much of Party Bay. As the dredge moves, these pipeline sections will also move back and forth across Party Bay, and will also cause the designated “crossing points” to shift as well. As such, lake users are encouraged be to extra cautious when operating in or near the White Oaks Bay Coves, and particularly in Party Cove.

5. All lake users (boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, etc.) are required to stay at least 100 feet away from the dredge and pipeline. There have been numerous occasions of lake users boating right up to the dredge to talk to the dredge crew. These actions cause the dredge crew to have to suspend work until the 100 foot safety zone is clear. These events only serve to delay the dredging process, and create unsafe conditions.

6. While it is impossible to specify an exact date and time when the dredging will be done at a particular location on the lake, the MPOA is working closely with the dredging contractor to try to minimize inconvenience to shoreline landowners and lake users to the extent possible. Lakefront landowners whose access to the lake may be temporarily blocked by the dredge / pipeline may wish to temporarily find other boat mooring locations beyond the immediate dredging work area.

7. No matter how the contractor proposes to schedule the work, there will be those who feel they are being unduly inconvenienced. All we can do is ask for folks to look at the big picture (a clearer, deeper lake), and be patient.

Note: All dates are APPROXIMATE. The above Estimated Dredging Schedule and Timeline will be revised as the project progresses; Updates and Schedule Revisions will be provided via MPOA office and website.

The dredge pipeline and designated boat crossing locations will be clearly indicated with lighted buoys and reflective markers; no-wake boating is required at all times within close proximity of the dredging areas, dredge pipeline, floating turbidity curtain and other equipment.