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Lake Status


Please use caution on the water and watch for debris. Lake users should be aware of erosion control barriers and avoid them.

LAKE ACTIVITY DURING LAKE CLOSURES Motorized watercraft are prohibited from using the lake during lake closure to protect the shoreline from wakes and protect people and watercraft from floating debris. Non-motorized vehicles, canoes, kayaks, etc. do not make a wake and travel slow enough to avoid floating debris.

Check Beach Status: Visit


Before you fertilize, think responsibly. Phosphates are a major source of pollution in lakes and streams, and high phosphate levels support over-production of algae and water weeds.

Fertilizing Tips

The EPA has some wonderful videos and publications on Healthy Lawn Care Practices


The Master Property Owners Association (MPOA) owns and manages Wonder Lake, a private 835 acre recreational lake in Illinois, northwest of Chicago.

The MPOA office is located at 7602 Hancock Drive, Wonder Lake, IL 60097.

Questions about the lake, or need information about the Wonder Lake area? Email, or Call (815) 653-1000. Office Hours: June-August: TUES. 10 – 2, WED. 10 – 2 & 4 - 7, FRI. 3 – 7, SAT. 9 – 1

•  LATEST LAKE UPDATE → Lake Managers Report
•  Historical read → The History of Wonder Lake's Restoration
•  How to control erosion: → Read: Rip Rap 'Collars'
•  Help the fight against invasive species → Learn More


Annual dues are collected by individual subdivisions, not the MPOA, with the exception of Oakwood Shores and Hickory Falls #3 subdivisions. Learn more >


You can take fast and easy boat safety classes online at Boater, and Certification cost is $34.95. A certificate is required for 12 - 18 year old boaters without an adult. Wonder Lake is largely governed by Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulations, please review:


MPOA Lake Use Decals MUST be permanently affixed to each registered watercraft / snowmobile / ATV  and are NOT transferable. Wonder Lake Police Department Marine Patrol has a list of all MPOA Decal registrants, with type and description of the unit of each issued decal number. Failure to have your MPOA decal permanently affixed is a ticketable offense.