November 2023 newsletter

Great things happening in Wonder Lake —The Halloween Fall Festival at the Village of Wonder Lake was a huge success. Hundreds showed up in lots of great costumes. 
 Neighbors came together to enjoy food, treats, games, and a magnificent bonfire at the end of the evening.

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October 2023 newsletter

NORTHERLY ISLAND— On the last three September Saturdays, a dedicated team of volunteers from the Nippersink Watershed Association and the Sportsman Club worked together to clear overgrown buckthorn and other invasive species on Northerly Island.

September 2023 newsletter

WL SPORTSMAN CLUB — Hold onto your fishing rods, folks, because August 12-13 marked the return of the annual Catfish Derby! The enthusiastic community of anglers gathered in full force under beautiful skies.

July/ August 2023 newsletter

Read about recent events, Merchant Creek bridge, Meadows of West Bay boat launch and upcoming events: Catfish Derby August 12/13th, and WLCC Golf Outing on 9/22nd.

June 2023 newsletter

Hello June,


Q: What do you get when you combine elephants with fish?

Q: Do fish go on vacation?

Q: What kind of fish is the most valuable?

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May 2023 newsletter

Mr. Tom Cooper has procured a 50-foot tall, aluminum flag pole. Now the necessary hardware, halyard, pulleys, rope, weights and lighting need to be obtained and installed onto the pole. Wonder Lake Fire Chief, Mike Weber has assured us that he will have the necessary volunteers to help transport the pole to Yacht Club Island and assist in removing the old flag pole and install the new. The goal is to have the pole in place in time for this year’s Independence Day events... To Read more, please download the Newsletter (pdf)

April 2023 newsletter

Starting April 1st, we introduced a new, eco-friendly way to keep our lake clean! We released a school of robotic fish programmed to clean the lake on a regular basis. These robotic fish will have special sensors that will detect and remove any waste or pollutants in the lake, ensuring that our lake is always clean and healthy for swimming, fishing, and watersports. These robotic fish will be powered by solar energy, making them completely environmentally friendly. To Read more, please download the Newsletter (pdf)

March 2023 newsletter

The Stonewater development has provided an opportunity to improve conditions in Wonder Lake. The Stonewater development currently has 130 homes with residents living there and is expected to have approximately 3,500 homes and 10,000 new residents over the next 20 years. This development will not have lake rights; however, the agreement the Village negotiated with the developer will be able to provide water and sewage for not only Stonewater but the entire East side of Wonder Lake. In order to make that happen, the unincorporated areas around the lake will need to annex into the Village. To Read more, please download the Newsletter (pdf)

February 2023 newsletter

Due to unsafe ice conditions, the Sportsman Club has postponed the Ice Fishing Derby to the 19th of February. If the weather does not cooperate in thickening the ice, then the plan is to have the raffle at Alibi's. To Read more, please download the Newsletter (pdf)

January 1st, 2023 newsletter

In an effort to create an improved communications link with the Wonder Lake Area, the MPOA Officers and Board of Directors are initiating a newsletter that hopefully will continue on a monthly basis. The purpose is to bring the community up to date on lake and watershed issues that have an impact on our lake and the role of the MPOA in addressing matters specific to our lake and dam. To Read more, please download the Newsletter (pdf)