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Section 1. The name of this corporation shall be MASTER PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. FOR THE WONDER LAKE, ILLINOIS AREA. (Revised 9/13/2023) Section 2. This Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the M.P.O.A.) is an Illinois not for profit corporation, chartered by the Secretary of State on September 18, 1965, as provided by the General Not For Profit Act of Illinois, approved July 17, 1943, in force January 1, 1944.

Section 3. The principal office of the M.P.O.A. shall be located in the area known as Wonder Lake situated in McHenry and Greenwood Townships, McHenry County, Illinois.

Section 4. This Constitution and the By-Laws together shall be taken and applied as the code of rules adopted for the regulation and management of the affairs of the M.P.O.A.

Section 5. The term Wonder Lake, Illinois Area as used herein shall be considered as consisting of only that property which has lake rights by or through deeds, contracts, or agreements of the Wonder Lake Syndicate and/or the M.P.O.A.

Section 6. The M.P.O.A. consists of the following subdivision associations, and owners of unsubdivided properties represented by McHenry County permanent property index numbers set forth opposite an individual owner’s name. (Revised 9/13/2023)

  1. Deep Springs Woods Country Club Association
  2. Deep Springs Woods Association
  3. Hickory Falls Association
  4. Hickory Falls #3 Property Owners Improvement Association
  5. Highland Shores Property Owners, Inc.
  6. Indian Ridge Improvement Association, Inc.
  7. Lookout Point Community Association, Inc.
  8. Mathews Unsubdivided Property - 09-18-351-027
  9. McGuire Unsubdivided Property (McGuire Shelter) - 08-24-201-002
  10. McGuire Unsubdivided Property (McGuire Living) - 08-24-100-017
  11. Meadows of West Bay
  12. Oakwood Shores
  13. St. Francis Heights Property Owners Association
  14. Shore Hills Country Club
  15. Sunrise Ridge Property Owners Association, Inc.
  16. Sunrise Ridge Estates Units 1 & 2 Homeowners Association
  17. WAM Holding LLC (Dennison Property) - 08-13-453-005
  18. White Oaks Bay Association
  19. The Wildwood Association Of Lookout Point
  20. Wonder Center Property Owners’ Association
  21. Wonder Woods Association, Inc.
  22. Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association, Inc.
  23. Unsubdivided property with lake rights as described in Article II, Section 2, owned by the David Joslyn Trust (Amended 9-15-11, Added Change in name of Subd’n Item 22), (Amended 10-13-21, Added new Member, Item 17)

Section 7. The terms ‘subdivision(s) or unsubdivided property(ies)’ as used throughout these By-Laws shall refer to the subdivisions and unsubdivided properties represented by the associations or property index numbers listed above in Section 6. (Added 9/13/2023)

Section 1. To conduct and promote the Wonder Lake Recreation Area for the improvement of civic and social welfare and to control and maintain the lake bottom and other community property pertinent thereof, and do any and all acts necessary to further said objects.

Section 2. To limit the use of Wonder Lake to those property owners who have lake rights by or through deeds, contracts or agreements with the Wonder Lake Syndicate or the M.P.O.A.

Section. 1. Subject to the approval of the Directors, the M.P.O.A. shall be managed by a Board consisting of five (5) officers.

Section 2. The officers of the M.P.O.A. Board shall be: President; 1st Vice-President; 2nd Vice-President; Secretary; and Treasurer, and shall constitute the managing body of the M.P.O.A. In the absence of the President, the other officers shall preside in the order hereinbefore named. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 1. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the Assembly of Delegates at the regular Annual Delegates' Convention

Section 2. Elected officers may be either Directors or Delegates, except that no two (2) officers may be elected from the same subdivision or unsubdivided property.

Section 3. All officers shall be elected to hold office for a term of two (2) years or until their successors are elected. The terms will begin on the 1st of January after the elections and end on the 31st of December following the election of a successor. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 4. Officers will be elected in the following sequence:

A. Even Year Terms: President; 2nd Vice-President; Treasurer.

B. Odd Year Terms: 1st Vice-President; Secretary will take office on the 1st day of January the year following their election.

For example, the President (an even year term) would be elected at the annual meeting in 1999 and take office starting January 1, 2000 thru December 31, 2001. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 5. A nominating committee of three (3) Directors will be appointed from the floor by the President, subject to approval by the Directors at the regular June Directors' meeting. The nominating committee will interview possible candidates (Directors or Delegates) for office on the M.P.O.A. Board, and submit their recommendations to the M.P.O.A. secretary one month before the regular Annual Delegates' Convention.

Section 6. Nominations from the floor and write-in candidates will also be accepted at the regular Annual Delegates' Convention.

Section 7. The election for any office must be by secret ballot when 2 or more candidates are nominated for an officer’s position. Three (3) tellers (Delegates) will be appointed by the President (subject to approval by the Delegates) to take charge of such balloting and to report the results thereof to the presiding officer. After the results of the balloting have been confirmed, announced, and recorded, the tellers will immediately destroy the ballots. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 1. Subject to approval by the Directors the officers shall manage and direct the activities and business of the M.P.O.A. and, by appointment, fill all officer vacancies.

Section 2. The officers shall prepare an Annual Balanced Budget which shall be presented for approval at the regular Annual Convention. The budget shall list the basic categories of M.P.O.A. income and expenditures and shall be distributed to all Delegates along with the notice of the regular Annual Convention. Following approval of the proposed Annual Balanced Budget by the Delegates, all future budgetary amendments must have Director approval. (Revised 9/11/96)

Section 3. The officers may obtain legal advice when deemed necessary. Their records shall show the written legal advice on which they acted or refrained from acting. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 4. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the M.P.O.A. and shall preside at all meetings and call special meetings when necessary or legally requested to do so. The President may appoint committees and/or commissions (subject to approval by the Directors) and have general supervision of all matters pertaining to the M.P.O.A.

Section 5. The President shall be ex-officio member of all committees and/or commissions.

Section 6. Nothing herein shall prohibit the President from appointing any member property owner possessing specialized training, knowledge or experience, who is not a Delegate or Director to any committee or commission.

Section 7. It shall be the duty of the 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents to assist the President, and, in his/her absence, act in the order named in the performance of the duties of the President.

Section 8. The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of all Directors' and Delegates' meetings, conduct correspondence, issue notices, keep the roll of Officers, Directors, Delegates, and Committees/Commissions, and discharge such other duties as pertain to his/her office as assigned by the President. The Secretary shall also prepare all bills, notices of dues payable and shall be the recipient of such dues, also keeping proper account. All funds collected will be transferred to the Treasurer. The Secretary will prepare a voucher for all bills approved by the officers and present the vouchers to the Treasurer for payment. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 9. The Secretary or Treasurer shall deposit all funds in a suitable bank or trust company previously approved by the officers. The Treasurer shall not disburse any funds without a voucher approval in writing by any two officers. . All checks must be signed by any two officers. The Treasurer shall prepare monthly reports to the officers. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 10. One or more Recording Secretary/Secretaries may be appointed by the President (subject to approval by the Directors). His/her duties will be to take minutes of all meetings and such other duties as the Secretary or Treasurer may assign. The Recording Secretary need not be a Delegate or Director and may be paid a salary as determined by the Directors. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 11. The accounts of the Treasurer shall be reviewed annually by a CPA who shall be appointed by the officers. The President shall have the authority to request an audit of the financial records of the M.P.O.A. at any time. A copy of the audit shall be delivered to each Director at the same time it is delivered to the President. (Revised 9/13/2023)

Section 12. Upon a two thirds (2/3) vote of the assembly of Delegates, any officer may be removed from his/her office for failure to attend three or more meetings without reasonable justification or for failing to perform other duties of office. Notice of the proposed removal shall be delivered to or personally served upon the officer at least 20 days prior to the meeting at which action is to be considered.

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