Commercial Fishing on Wonder Lake for Seasonal Carp

1/2/2022 Christmas Carp Update

In December we had 5 commercial fishermen and 2 very large fishing boats on Wonder Lake to collect common carp. Due to the ice on the lake they were not able to get to the south end of the lake but were able to break ice all the way from Center Beach to the dam. The ice in some places was 2 inches thick and it was not easy to break but they did.

Jamie, the lead fisherman, placed five 300 foot nets in various locations from West Bay to the dam. The only net to have carp was the West Bay net and they collected an estimated 800 pounds. This may sound like a lot of carp but the nets had a 3 ½ inch opening to only catch the 4-5 LB size carp for sale. The nets also were large size to prevent catching any sport fish like Bass, etc. The remaining 4 nets came up empty for carp so the fishing was ended. The commercial fishermen were hoping for 20,000+ lbs. to make it worth the expense for fuel and their time.

The next opportunity for carp prices go up would be around Easter and the WL Sportsmans Club may try again at the time.

The next big WL Sportsmans Club event is the Annual Ice Fishing Derby, Sunday, Feb 6, 2022, 6 AM until 2:00 PM. There will be a raffle drawing at Lookout Point Beach. Everyone is welcome to come, have some fun and see the fish that have been caught through the ice. Prizes will be awarded for kids and adults largest fish by species.

WLSC Annual Beach Cleanup - 2021

WLSC annual beach clean up- 2021

W. L. Sportsman Club — April 21st was a Beautiful Day on the Lake. 16 volunteers did a great job cleaning the beaches and ALL agreed the subdivisions are doing a much better job of keeping the beaches clean. Congratulations Wonder Lake.

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The most memorable item picked up was a kid’s plastic car. Thank you everyone. The community appreciates your efforts.

Tree Trimming/Fishing Below the Dam on March 14, 2021

W. L. Sportsman Club —Members of the Sportsmans Club cleaned the area below the dam on March 14th

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For more information about joining the Sportsmans Club, meetings and dues, visit their facebook page.