SSA # 9 Bonds Have Been Sold!

The $ 5.9 Million in lake restoration bonds authorized under SSA # 9 have been sold, and the funds are now being held by a trustee.

Earlier information provided to the MPOA led us to believe that the payment amount for SSA # 9 that would appear on the property tax bills received in 2011 would be for a reduced amount.

After this information appeared in the most recent MPOA newsletter, it was brought to our attention that the amount due on the 2011 tax bills would instead be closer to what typical payments will be for the balance of the SSA period.

Upon learning of this error, the MPOA invited the SSA bond counsel to appear at the May MPOA Director's meeting to help explain why the confusion occurred. The information presented satisfactorily addressed any concerns or questions raised by the MPOA Director's.

The MPOA sincerely regrets any confusion this situation may have caused.