U.S. Army Corps permit update

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Public Notice Comment Period for the Lake Restoration project has expired, and they have provided the MPOA with copies of written comments received from the public that required a "technical" clarification", or that were needed to address "negative" comments".  Many "positive" comments supporting lake restoration were also received, but did not require MPOA responses.

The official MPOA responses to these comments have been prepared and submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers, and have been distributed to each MPOA Director and Officer.  Additional copies will also be provided to each MPOA Subdivision President; each McHenry County Board member; each Village of Wonder Lake official; and to the individual commenters.  PDF copies of the MPOA comment response documents can be viewed and or downloaded at the following links.
Technical Clarification document (pdf)

Comment Response document (pdf)