• About the M.P.O.A.

     Do you have a question about the Lake, or need information about the region? The Wonder Lake Master Property Owners Association (MPOA) is available to answer your questions. E-mail: office@wlmpoa.org or call: (815) 653-1000 The M.P.O.A. office is located at 7602 Hancock Drive, Wonder Lake, IL 60097

  • In-Lake Regulations


    In-water equipment includes: docks, boatlifts, swim platforms, etc. Equipment may be placed in or on the waters of Wonder Lake as soon after “ice-out” as deemed advisable by each owner of the equipment. Removal of all in-water equipment shall be accomplished prior to first ice.

    All in-lake equipment is installed at the sole risk and responsibility of its owner.

    In-water equipment must be marked by reflective devices and Docks must display owner’s address.

  • MPOA Fishing Regulations

    Wonder Lake, and the Nippersink Creek stream channel downstream (east) of the Thompson Road Bridge, are owned by the Wonder Lake Master Property Owners Association (MPOA). Fishing is only allowed in these areas for those landowners holding deeded lake rights to Wonder Lake, or their guests, who must be accompanied by someone holding deeded lake rights. Fishing in these areas is governed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), as summarized below, with IDNR fishing licenses required for anyone 16 years of age or older.

  • Wonder Lake Homeowner Associations


    With the exception of properties located in the Meadows of West Bay and Oakwood Shores subdivisions, the MPOA does not collect annual dues from the individual owners of properties with deeded access to Wonder Lake. Information regarding status of annual dues and fees on any specific subdiviision properties can only be obtained from the Secretary of the subdivision where that property is located.

  • Recreational Sticker Ordinance

    The Village of Wonder Lake, Board of Trustees approved the following ordinance on May 5, 2004. This ordinance enables the Village of Wonder Lake, Lake Patrol officers to enforce the Master Property Owners Association (MPOA) Recreational Sticker Policy that requires all recreational vehicles operating on the waters of Wonder Lake to first be registered with the MPOA and display a current sticker.

  • M.P.O.A. Bylaws

    The By-Laws for all the members the Master Property Owners Association.