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1. The annual inspection of the Wonder Lake Dam and the Wonder Lake SDF was conducted by the MPOA consulting engineers on Friday, October 9th. The engineers were pleased with the concrete repair work that was done on the spillway during the Fall 2019 lake drawdown. Their summary report will be forwarded to the IDNR-OWR, as required.

2. The MPOA has commissioned a study to have a more detailed investigation of the 90+ year old dam and spillway conducted, with the intent of determining future routine maintenance needs and costs, as well as estimating potential costs if more significant problems were ever to occur in the future.

3. An herbicide application was conducted by helicopter at the Wonder Lake SDF in an effort to manage the vegetation that has grown up on the accumulated sediment.

4. The Wonder Lake Sportsmans Club has been working over the past few years to help discourage Cormorants from nesting in the trees on Wonder Lake islands, all in accordance with IDNR and USF&WS regulations. In addition to killing off desirable trees and vegetation, Cormorants can also have a significant impact on fish populations. Based upon the conditions currently being experienced, the WLSC will be conducting a selective harvest of up to 20 Cormorants in the West Bay, as they are authorized to do under their existing IDNR and USF&WS permits. This activity is expected to occur during the goose season.

5. All MPOA buoys have been removed for the season, thanks to the Yacht Club. Late season boaters will need to use caution when operating near known shallow water areas.

6. With the Fall season, comes yard work and leaf raking. If yard waste ends up in the lake, the result will be additional accumulations of organic material and nutrients; both which degrade water clarity. Whether you do your own yard work or hire landscape services, please be aware that raking yard waste and leaf litter into the lake is not an acceptable practice. Similarly, those folks who have property which contains a tributary stream to Wonder Lake should also avoid raking yard waste and leaf litter into their stream, as it will eventually end up in the lake.

7. The Nippersink Watershed Association is celebrating Oaktober with a grand opening and oak tree planting event at the Merchant Creek Corridor on Saturday, October 17th at 9 am. People are invited to visit the 13-acre wooded corridor to learn about the site, walk its paths and help plant oak trees. Attendees are invited to gather at a new sign along East Wonder Lake Rd that describes the site. Parking for visitors is available behind the sign. The entrance to the area is located just south of VK Builders, 3309 E Wonder Lake Rd. NWA members will provide an overview of the site and the restoration work we have undertaken since 2017. Then visitors are invited to walk the newly mowed trails on the site or to join in the planting of about 40 oak trees. Participants should wear clothing and shoes suitable for hiking or tree planting and bring their own masks and water bottles. Those who want to help plant oaks should also bring work gloves and a shovel if they have one. We will maintain safe social distancing (staying at least 6 ft apart) and will wear masks if we need to be closer together while planting.