Wonder Lake Dredging Update – June 20th, 2014

1. The MPOA dredging contractor:

  • has all the dredge equipment on the lake;
  • has all of the pipeline has been fused together and placed between the lake and the SDF;
  • has the GPS system to track / document dredging installed;
  • and is hoping to begin dredging by the middle of next week, subject to the arrival of a part.

2. As previously indicated:

  •  the dredging contractor has indicated that they plan to start dredging first along the south side of West Bay and the Nippersink Creek inlet, and spend most of the summer of 2014 finishing up West Bay.
  • in late summer / fall of 2014, they then plan to work on Wickline Island / O’Brien Shoals, before moving north to dredge the Lookout Point / White Oaks Bay coves.
  • they will then move down to the South Bay and get as far as they can this fall before the onset of winter.  Any remaining dredging work in the South Bay would be carried over, if necessary, to the spring of 2015 after ice-out.

3. This schedule means that the only lakefront landowners who may need to temporarily relocate their piers during the 2014 boating season will be the those folks on south side of West Bay and the Nippersink Creek inlet.  All other lakefront areas proposed for dredging will likely have already removed their piers for the year by the time the dredge reaches their area.

4. Once in place for dredging, the dredging contractor will be placing markers and buoys along the pipeline path across West Bay.  Anyone boating in West Bay or on the Nippersink Creek inlet are encouraged to use caution and to obey “no-wake” or “restricted areas” identified by the MPOA and/or the dredging contractor.

Check back regularly for additional updates.