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1. The 2019 drawdown of Wonder Lake is now officially over. As of the beginning of December, water again began flowing over the dam spillway, allowing the sluice gates to again be fully closed. It is still expected that the lake level will still rise a bit more, as it usually maintains a normal pool from 3 to 6 inches above the spillway crest.

2. With our on-again off-again winter, it does not appear the Lake will develop "safe" ice any time in the immediate future. As such, this is a good time to remind winter lake users about the need to exercise particular care when venturing out on the ice when it does form. The MPOA website ( has a video posted on how someone falling through the ice can perform a "self-rescue". Winter lake users are also reminded of the presence of the rip-rap collars around O'Brien Shoals and Wickline Island, and that ice formation may have changed in those areas of the lake that had been dredged.

3. Per MPOA regulations, ice fishing shanties must be removed from the Lake daily, and must display the name and address of the owner at all times.

4. On Saturday, December 21, the Nippersink Watershed Association will conduct yet another workday, clearing invasive brush from a portion of the Merchant Creek stream corridor. This volunteer work is being done to help minimize the significant amounts of sediment that this parcel has delivered to Wonder Lake over the past decades. Volunteer’s will meet at 8 am at the north end (dead end) of Edgewood Drive, just north of Wooded Shores Drive. Edgewood Drive is the first side street off Wooded Shores Drive coming west from East Wonder Lake Road. As always, volunteers are welcome, with various tasks available.

5. The 35th Annual Illinois Lakes Management Association Conference will be held in Champaign from March 12 – 14, 2020. This is a great opportunity for WL folks to learn more about a wide variety of lake topics. For more details: