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Lake Manager’s Report – November 2023

1. The rescheduled annual Dam and Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) inspection was held on Tuesday, October 17th. The MPOA engineers who inspected the Wonder Lake dam spillway and dam embankment were satisfied with the overall on-going upkeep and maintenance of the structure but did make note of the existing problem with the west sluicegate shaft. That shaft allows the sluicegate to be opened and closed and has bent to the point of the sluicegate being inoperable. The MPOA is continuing to look into ways to address this situation.

November 2023 newsletter

Great things happening in Wonder Lake — The Halloween Fall Festival at the Village of Wonder Lake was a huge success. Hundreds showed up in lots of great costumes. 
 Neighbors came together to enjoy food, treats, games, and a magnificent bonfire at the end of the evening.

Lake Manager’s Report — October 2023

1. The annual dam inspection scheduled for this coming Friday has been postponed, due to the rainy forecast. Discussions are underway on rescheduling.

2. Soil samples from the Wonder Lake Sediment Drying facility were obtained and submitted to soil testing laboratories last week as part of determining the quality of the dredged sediment present. It is hoped that having this testing done will make the sediment more attractive to potential soil vendors.

3. The MPOA website is in the process of being updated. The new format should be up and running by the end of the year.

Lake Manager’s Report – August 2023

1. Preliminary discussions continue with soil scientists on how best to establish and implement a soil analysis testing program of the dried sediment from the lake dredging project in order to generate specific data regarding its composition (% silt, peat, clay, sand, gravel, etc.) and nutrient values. It is anticipated that having this data readily available for potential soils vendors or other sediment marketing approaches will be beneficial.

Lake Manager’s Report – July 2023

1. Preliminary discussions continue with soil scientists regarding how to best market the dried sediment from the lake dredging project.

2. A request for proposal to conduct our annual state required inspections of the dam and Sediment Drying Facility this fall has been sent out.

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