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1. The rescheduled annual Dam and Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) inspection was held on Tuesday, October 17th. The MPOA engineers who inspected the Wonder Lake dam spillway and dam embankment were satisfied with the overall on-going upkeep and maintenance of the structure but did make note of the existing problem with the west sluicegate shaft. That shaft allows the sluicegate to be opened and closed and has bent to the point of the sluicegate being inoperable. The MPOA is continuing to look into ways to address this situation. The MPOA engineers were also satisfied with the maintenance and operation of the SDF. They will be submitting the final reports to the State of Illinois, as is required.

2. The MPOA soils consultants have received all of the lab results of the soil samples obtained from the Wonder Lake SDF and are reviewing this information so that they can provide the MPOA with guidance as to how best to market the dried sediment.

3. The Illinois Lake Management Association (ILMA) is hosting their Annual Conference at the I Hotel & Conference Center in Champaign, Illinois from March 4th through March 6th, 2024. Info at

4. A video from the Illinois Clean Marina Program provides info on how boaters can help protect water quality as part of their day-to-day activities in maintaining their watercraft docks and other waterfront areas.…

5. As part of the development of an IEPA Watershed Plan for the Chain O’Lakes, the Fox Waterway Agency held an Septic Systems and Education Session. This is being done so that waterfront landowners can learn how failing or poorly maintained septic systems can adversely affect water quality.