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1. The three islands on the east side of the lake (O’Brien Shoals North & South and Wickline Island) previously had rip-rap installed offshore as a collar to help break up wave action before hitting the unprotected shoreline soils. While these practices have been very successful in creating quiet water areas, there is still more work needed. We are beginning to explore developing plans for adding additional erosion control protection around the islands, removing undesirable vegetation while replacing it with desirable native species, and improving fishery habitat.

2. The Village of Wonder Lake, in conjunction with the Nippersink Watershed Association, Wooded Shores and Shore Hills continue to pursue a McHenry County Development Block Grant (CDBG) to install a footbridge across Merchant Creek at E. Lake Shore Drive. The absence of a bridge at this location prevents foot traffic between Shore Hills and Wooded Shores, forcing pedestrians to take an almost ¾ mile long detour out to E. Wonder Lake Road. This project was one of four “Infrastructure” CDBG grant applications that underwent an on-line interview process on April 13th. It is hoped that the grant request will be successful, so that planning and engineering for the bridge can begin.

3. With spring almost here, landowners, and particularly those along the lakeshore, are encouraged to be very careful in applying only the needed amounts of non-phosphorus fertilizer and other lawn chemicals, to prevent wash-off into the lake.

4. The Wonder Lake Sportsmans Club will continue their on-going efforts to implement a variety of practices to discourage Cormorants from making a home at Wonder Lake. This is due to the significant damage they cause to the areas below where they roost and nest, as well as impacts to the Wonder Lake fishery.

5. This is the time of year when questions about pier installation requirements and shoreline stabilization permits increase. A summary of these topics can be found on the MPOA website at: &