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1. Lake users are reminded that with the recent thaw, any remaining ice surface should be considered unsafe.

2. In addition to the state-required annual inspection of the Wonder Lake Dam, the MPOA has retained the engineering firm (CBBEL) that conducts those inspections to also prepare a report on the Wonder Lake Dam and Spillway. The scope of that study is provided below. A draft version of that report has been received, and is currently under review, it is hoped that the final report can be available for distribution in the next month or so.


Task 1 – Review of Maintenance Records: CBBEL staff will review client provided records of maintenance work that has occurred and available topographic survey of the Wonder Lake Dam (WLD).

Task 2 – WLD Inspection: A dam inspection will be completed to identify the current condition of the various components of the spillway, gates, erosion control and earthen embankment.

Task 3 – WLD Evaluation: Based on the information gathered in Tasks 1 and 2, CBBEL will develop a short-term and long-term maintenance plan. The short-term maintenance plan will include any items that would be classified as critical by the IDNR-OWR. Estimated costs for both short-term and long-term maintenance items will be prepared. A Technical Memorandum (TM), will be prepared summarizing the WLD Evaluation.

Task 4 – WLD Replacement Cost Estimate: A conceptual analysis will be completed to determine approximate costs for the total replacement of the spillway structure and approximate costs for the total replacement of the earthen embankment. This cost should be considered conceptual in nature since a engineering design will not be completed.

3. The MPOA is currently investigating opportunities for doing a Spring 2021 controlled burn of the interior of our Sediment Drying Facility, where the highly organic sediment present has resulted in a bumper crop of vegetation, including invasive species. A helicopter applied herbicide application was made in the Fall of 2020; we will make a determination this spring / summer as to whether a Fall 2021 application will be needed. The goal is to keep the sediment as weed-free as feasible, to make it a more desirable product to a potential purchaser.