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1. The annual inspection of the Wonder Lake Dam and Sediment Drying Facility required by the State of Illinois was conducted on Friday, October 14th, 2022. Both the State and MPOA engineers were pleased with the repairs to the Wonder Lake Dam spillway that have been implemented since last year’s inspection, as well as the maintenance of the SDF.

2. Due to the high fertility of the sediment present in the SDF, the abundant weed growth each summer has become a yearly maintenance issue. With weather permitting, and harvest of the crops found in areas adjacent to the SDF, local fire departments are hoping to conduct a controlled burn of the SDF yet this fall to help burn off the weed growth. The last fire department burn at the SDF was conducted in May of 2021.

3. The MPOA has been approached by a Wonder Lake resident who has an extensive background in marketing, and is offering at no cost to the MPOA, to investigate if there are better ways to market the Wonder Lake sediment. Preliminary discussions are on-going.