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1. As part of the on-going repairs to the Wonder Lake Dam spillway, the MPOA structural engineer conducted an examination to determine the location and extent of needed concrete repairs on the vertical sidewalls. Temporarya scaffolding was installed to allow for this inspection, as well as to facilitate the actual repair work. Coordination is now taking place between the concrete contractor and the project structural engineer on the type of concrete material to be used for the spillway wingwall patching.

2. There were two site visits to the Wonder Lake Sediment Drying Facility (SDF) in the last week to familiarize a potential soils dealer with the SDF itself, as well as the sediment quality. Things are still at the conceptual stage, but as we have been informed previously, while the sediment is of very high quality, it is located quite a distance from where the demand is, which definitely has an impact on its current value and marketability. Thanks to Brad Dennison for the providing the contact.

3. The design of the Merchant Creek footbridge project has been completed and is now awaiting issuance of the regulatory permits.

4. The original 1929 blueprints of the Wonder Lake Dam construction have been scanned into PDF files. The original blueprints will be framed for display in the MPOA office.

5. A good Samaritan and a police officer both helped rescue a man who was yelling for help and in distress in the water on Wonder Lake Monday morning of June 6th. The Wonder Lake Fire Protection District and Wonder Lake Police Department responded around 9:22 a.m. Monday to the 3200 block of East Lake Shore Drive for a report of a water rescue. Wonder Lake Fire Chief Mike Weber said a person was in the water several hundred feet offshore yelling for help. Multiple fire department units responded immediately and divers from the Woodstock Fire Rescue District were also dispatched. As fire crews were launching their dive boat, Officer Horning with the Wonder Lake Police Department and Stephen Bittner, a resident who lives near where the incident occurred, sprang into action. Horning immediately jumped in the lake and swam all the way out to the victim, Weber said. Bittner drove out to them in his boat and together they were able to rescue the male victim. An unidentified person on a green kayak also assisted in the rescue. The victim was brought back to shore safely where he was transported by ambulance to the hospital. The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and McHenry Township Fire Protection District also assisted during the incident. Weber said Horning and Bittner did an “extraordinary job” in saving the victim.