Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

1.    The Wonder Lake Sportsman’s Club held its annual lake clean-up on April 17th.   Be sure to thank the following folks for their much appreciated efforts:

Tony Signorini

Tony Musel

Tom Sharkey

Pat Dedina

Tom & Tommy Stygar

Ken Shaleen

Bryan Verdino

Dennis Gallo

Mike Pickrum

Rick Hummel

Mark Nichols

Tom Provenzano

Brian Barnfield

Vanessa Barnfield

2.    The IEPA is in the process of finalizing the Section 319 grant award of roughly $848,000, which will allow a number of water quality projects beneficial to Wonder Lake to be implemented.  I will be meeting with those folks receiving grants, once I get more information from IEPA.
3.    On May 4th, I attended the Wonder Lake Sportsman’s Club meeting and made a presentation on the dredging project, and the various water quality projects being undertaken by the Nippersink Watershed Association.
4.    On May 7th, the Nippersink Watershed Association conducted a stream clean-up of Nippersink Creek, extending from the Wonder Lake Dam down to the MCCD Canoe Launch at Keystone Road. In addition to myself, Mark Nichols, Dennis Palys and Dick Hilton participated.  Thanks to MCCD for allowing site access, and to the McHenry Township Road District for picking up the collected trash.
5.    The MPOA has received complaints about folks fishing below the Wonder Lake dam, an area clearly marked with “No Trespassing” signage.  The MPOA has notified the Wonder Lake Police Department and the McHenry County Conservation District Police.  Both agencies have indicated that they will increase their monitoring of the area, and will take appropriate enforcement action.
6.    The Lake Use Commission has installed buoys marking the newly defined areas in Party Bay where lake users can moor their boats, as shown below.  The WLPD Marine Patrol will be enforcing these boundaries, so cooperation is encouraged.

party bay mooring

7.    The MPOA dredging contractor is finalizing upgrades to the dredge, and has indicated that they should be starting Lookout Point (LP) in the next day or so.  They are estimating that LP will take perhaps 3 or 4 days to complete.
8.    The MPOA dredging consultant conducted a site visit on April 21st  to confirm / verify whether the contract specifications for White Oaks Bay have been met, which is a routine step in any dredging project.  The consultant determined that a portion of White Oaks Bay Cove # 3 will need another couple days work to fully meet the contract specifications.  The dredging contractor will do perform this work immediately following Lookout Point.
9.    Upon completing WOB Cove # 3, the dredging contractor will move down to complete O’Brien Shoals, which they are estimating may take 2 to 3 weeks.
10.    Following that, the contractor will then complete Wickline Island, West Bay, and then South Bay. Updated timelines will be provided as they become available.
11.    The exhibit below shows the approximate location and extent of the sediment pipeline and pipeline crossings for the summer of 2016.  As always, lake user’s need to be aware that the pipeline location will frequently shift as dredging progresses.


Pipeline position