Randy Stowe, lakemanager@gmail.com

  1. The MPOA dredging contractor has moved out of South Bay and has begun work at Wickline Island.  As of the start of this week, they had completed the area northeast of Wickline Island (as shown in red below) and were moving around to work on the southeast and east side.
    wickline island dredging plan
  2. Upon completion of Wickline Island over the next week or so, the dredging crew will move north to resume the work on O’Brien Shoals area, working as long as weather allows this fall. Any remaining areas to be dredged under the existing contract will be completed in 2017.
  3. Any remaining lake user’s need to be aware of changing conditions related to the location of the dredge, anchor barges, booster pump, and sediment pipeline. Once dredging shuts down for the year, an updated map of where dredging equipment will be staged over the coming winter will be generated for the use of winter lake user’s.
  4. The annual inspection of the Wonder Lake Dam and the Wonder Lake SDF was conducted on October 13th.  The inspection was conducted by the MPOA consulting engineers, and a representative of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Water Resources (IDNR-OWR), with a number of interested MPOA members also in attendance. Both structures passed the inspection with no deficiencies noted.  As required, the inspection reports will be submitted to IDNR-OWR.
  5. The Wonder Lake Sportsman’s Club is making plans to conduct an invasive brush-clearing project of Yacht Club Island over the coming winter, similar to what was accomplished on Strom Island over last winter.  Volunteers will (as always) be welcome.
  6. I met with a potential contractor for the pending shoreline stabilization of Strom and Yacht Club Islands, which is receiving IEPA Section 319 funding.
  7. I met with an engineering firm to view pending Section 319 funded shoreline projects to allow the design and permitting phase to get underway.